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Are the Gammon Percussion Drum Sets Good? We think that for the money they are a great value. For an inexpensive drum set with great features for not a lot of money thes Gammon Drum Sets are it. Looking For A Cheap Used Drum Set Sale - Why Not Buy This New Drum Set Only $289.00 Delivered To Your Door - Free Shipping!


Gammon Percussion Model SR-1000 20 Lug FULL SIZE Complete Drum Set
Features include: 5 1/2" x 14 All Chrome 6 lug Snare drum, 22"x14" 20 Lug Bass Drum, Power rack toms 10"x12" and 11"x13", 16"x16"Floor tom, 2-14" Hi-Hat Cymbals, 1-16" Ride Cymbal , DOUBLE BRACED- Snare Stand DOUBLE BRACED- Hi-Hat Stand, Chain Driven Bass drum pedal Drummer's Throne Included, 1 pair drum sticks, Dummers Key, Choice of Colors - Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red or Yellow Learn More or Buy It Here

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